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The Last One.


As you already know, most of the personal computers that people, especially who have children, have in their houses buy thos PCs because they are thinking that PCs will help a child’s doing homework.

What a long sentence that is.

Anyway, let’s get back to the business.

I have to accept that computers are really good at doing homeworks, but they are also good at playing games, opening inappropriate advertisements etc.
And this makes us very irritated while using a computer.

With the help of this course, I, sincerely, think that I’m going to learn useful stuff to use in classrooms.

There is only one point that makes me scared about this course: I passed the course “Computer II” in 3rd grade. I hope the computers do not strike back!

That’s it I guess.
Well. I wrote my passage, so I can play game till morning!

c u!

btw. in the following weeks I can write about “the internet vs. the language”

the basic topic of the courses like this one :)



Thanks to Mr. Akayoğlu -our teacher- I had no difficulties at all.

This course gained me a lot.

TED Talks, storyjumper, some Android applications, topics on Twitter, Prezi, but most of all Dan Gilbert (TED Talks)

Podcasts – Week #11

A listening track about one of my failures: not doing homeworks on time!

Podcasts. Use them!

Storyjumper – 10th Week and Digital Story Telling

You can see my works on my web-site:

In storyjumper, you can create story books.
And even sell them. I don’t think anyone will buy, but it allows you to sell.

Using stories is an effective way to teach children something.

It helps to lower affective filter in the right brain.

It is something that children know.
We should use Storyjumper in the future.

Facebook/Twitter – 9th Week /

The topic was “how can we use twitter/facebook in our classes.

We have already been using Facebook.
The main question was: Twitter.

It is about who and what you are following 
I mean @profiles and #hashtags

If we follow the right people on twiter, it may be useful.
If we create a topic with a hashtag symbol on it, it may be useful.

People from language teaching field are on twitter.
Noam  Chomsky – @daily_chomsky

Derya Erice – @derice
Seday Akayoğlu – @sakayoglu
(you should also see who they are following)

WizIQ – Week 8th
The online school for anything!
Seriously, you can find anything on this site.

Course Categories

If you are good at something, why not teaching it online and make money?
You don’t want to make a paid-lesson, well, as you wish…

You wanna learn something? Check out
You may find a free lesson.

Prezi – Week 6th

I have first seen a Prezi presentation on Turkish Education System, it looks different from classical MS PowerPoint presentation; and I just loved it!

A Prezi presentation looks cooler than any MS PowerPoint presentation.

When I went and tried to create a presentation on Prezi, I had a lot of trouble. I couldn’t even add a new page!

We have learnt basically how to Prezi -I made it a verb-
It is different as i said but if people around you use it to make a presentation, you don’t need to use Prezi, because it will not be different to the audience.

Apps on Android – Week 5th

5th week was about some apps.
We have covered -as far as I remember-:

Our teacher showed  them on Google Play
I linked their free versions, if you want to check and download one of them, just click on it and you will be directed to Google Play

I have most of them on my phablet -a new word for Note2- and they are very useful.
If you don’t have a smart phone, you are missing a lot!